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At SH Family Law Ltd. we appreciate that at a time when you are experiencing the difficulties of a break- down in a relationship, your finances can also be in difficulties, particularly in the current financial climate.


You may, of course, be eligible for Legal Aid and whilst we are not able to offer this service we would suggest that, at first instance, you establish whether or not you are eligible for Legal Aid by visiting the Legal Services Commission web site and using their eligibility calculator. If you are eligible, it should be possible to find local firms of Solicitors who do offer Legal Aid and who may be able to assist.


In the event that you are not eligible for Legal Aid, there are a number of different ways in which we may be able to help in terms of costs, including a free 30 minutes initial consultation.


Firstly, we offer a very competitive rate and whilst we review our charging rates in April each year, we maintain the rate applicable at the time we commence work for our clients throughout the proceedings, however long that may be. This provides you with the certainty that you will not be faced with future increases in rates.


Further, we are happy to undertake as much or as little work on your behalf as you would like, whether this is undertaking the entire case on your behalf or simply providing support as and when you feel you need it. If you consider this would assist you, please see our information on DIY Divorce.


We are also able to offer a fixed fee for undefended divorces where appropriate and in some circumstances we may be able to offer a fixed fee for other particular areas of work, for example, if financial matters are agreed we may be able to offer a fixed fee for the preparation of a Consent Order.


Further, we have the facility to accept debit and credit card payments and unlike many Solicitors we do not charge a fee for taking payment by credit card.

We also send out our invoices at the end of each month for the work carried out that month. In this way our clients are aware of the costs they are incurring on a regular basis and can control the amount of work we are instructed to carry out on a monthly basis.


Finally, you can talk to us about costs. It is important to us that costs are transparent and our clients’ needs are met.

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